Whistling Ambition

Alive in solitude, dead in company

Aroused in fear, wandering in gossip

Pink hands blacken with fatigue

Coverless nights battle loss and fortune

Until every image is photographed

Under the round sky of reality.


6 thoughts on “Whistling Ambition

  1. If you say so 😉

    I was intending the realizing of dreams of a person. Once the dream/ambition becomes real, say you wanted to get published and sign books in France, you live the moment that once seemed so far-fetched, yeah? Live to cherish and absorb that reality in photographs, preserve it to look back on this day and remember the struggles you had to face to take the photograph.

    Sorry if it’s a long-winded explanation, Michelle. This was what I saw when I was putting it down 🙂

  2. I had a totally different vision as I read this. Oh I think that’s funny! I home school my kids and many times they are asked to interpret poems with the curriculum that I use. Their answers usually never come close to the original thoughts of the writer. They must take after me! 😉 Anyway, I enjoyed your poem and I still have the image of the photographer, alone under the stars in my mind! 🙂

  3. Thanks Michelle. I feel happy that it connected with you differently. Poems are these self-contained trinkets of ambiguity which speak in varying tones to each person reading them. 🙂

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