What is Positivity?

Are we born with it? A recent study on finding the happiness gene suggests so. Yet, there are several factors that affect our decision-making and comfort, which play a role in happiness, which in turn defines how confident we are with ourselves and the world around us: positivity.

I play a lot of amateur chess. In my opinion, chess is an optimal system to study the effect of decision-making and long-term goals in real life. A position arising out of the first five moves can dictate the outcome of a game lasting over a hundred moves. At any time, if the player gets too confident with his position, it falls apart and the carefully crafted strategy will soon be counter-productive for him. The message is this: all decisions are important and long-term. On-the-spot decisions are directly determined by how happy or positive a person is, hence, positivity in life begins at the fruition of achievements and success in life.

Pessimism or discomfort with oneself stems from being a loser. I am sorry for being this blunt, but not many successful people are pessimists. They might be sceptical about their gambles and doubtful of their deals, and, they push to make things work in their favour, rather than standing back and relying on luck, fate, blessings, alignment of stars, yada yada. A star hundreds of light years away has as much influence on your life as ISIS on Martian Water; and the forgotten grandma’s blessings for starting a new job doesn’t do more than a ‘Like’ does on Facebook. All these are simple and easy to blame when things don’t go our way, and nobody will retort against religion openly, unless they want to lose friends or distance their family.

What happy people understand is that rationality of decisions can be irrational. The decision to not abuse a child when they break your iPhone can be aggravating. ‘Oh, how will he learn if he doesn’t get hit or verbally abused?’ Exactly. Find the answer. Cooling off for a moment and coming up with a solution can pay huge dividends in the future. That one decision will take shape and form as the child grows and understands the value of love, money, and well-being from experience.

So, the answer to the headline is good decision-making. By making mistakes, a person can learn and understand their strengths to take better decisions in the future, which will influence their future decisions and the chain of happiness grows longer. If you have had a bad time so far, start changing; start taking decisions that you believe-in and commit your heart and soul to its fulfilment.

Now why good writers are unhappy, self-indulgent bastards is a topic I’ll address some other time. The gist of that gargantuan philosophy is that they are content with their work and not everything else. Over the page, positivity consumes every word on the white space, but away from it is the melancholy of introversion, depression, and distance from the real world. They should start taking decisions and read the above paragraphs every step of the way in their life. So should artists, musicians and other creative artists who are feel alone in the world. . .


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