The Serpent and the Sea

A black, skinny naga,

Skinnier than the skinniest maggot

Or worm, crept from the jungles of Narmada

To the sands of the Arabian Sea.

A purple wave, foamy and mighty

Squashed against its skinny skin, pressing

The twat into a rock, where it groped

For hope, but found a hermit carb’s home.

A brown, hungry turtle gulped him down

Tottered to the seabed for a little nap

Where it died, and out came the naga,

Slithering and skittering from the shell

A grey shark came along, swiping

Its malicious teeth at a deformed wahoo

In whose heart coiled the serpent, feasting

Entrails now dead, and poisoned the Shark too.

A sable serpent grew silently in the sea

Thickening its waters with acidic juice

All the fishes, all the mermaids, all the seaweed

Prayed the naga to Fuck-off, but she didn’t.

A white lightning struck the waters one night,

Striking a manta ray’s tail sticking out

Of the naga’s mouth like its tongue, electrifying

The serpent and the sea, killing one while redeeming the other…


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