We are all philosophers

Comfort is bland. I know how the most promising stories can get intensely boring without action. The action is after all a digression from comfort. We entertainers provide a rift in the quotidian lives of our audience, who no doubt have their action – the slow moving, blurry possibilities of decisions and drama – but none as fast-paced as in movies, comedy, music, books, and art. Being the audience on the other hand, we take this lack of action for granted. The status quo of peace, and at times misery, make us complacent about ourselves and our decisions. Philosophy questions this comfort and everything surrounding it. If an individual is sad, philosophy wants to know the origin, cause, and effect of “sadness.” It tries to map sadness within a boundary and tries to stretch other emotions to its fringes in order to find similarities and dissimilarities with the other abstract emotions.

Philosophy is like music. It brings about a rhythm and meaning to all the chaos around us, or at least tries to address it. Scientific explanations provide systematic proofs to answer its doubts. This approach is brilliant for technical conundrums, while it shies away from metaphysical dilemmas of human existence. What is truth? What is consciousness?

Answering these can consume an entire lifespan of a person and still converge to one of the starting points of the argument. The premises of a modern philosopher changes its shape like the clay in a potter’s hand. The philosopher arrives at a varied set of conclusions based on his/her study of other philosophers. Aristotle and Nietzsche seem to disagree on a lot of topics, so do others in-between them. The wealth of knowledge and data is a blessing for a student, and the biggest curse for any scholar.

Though all of this is very disconcerting, for me, or any writer, philosophy is a toy of infinite fun. The ambiguity of reality and metareality animates characters, settings, and action that we can survey and analyse without taking a personal stand. As readers, we get to pick and choose from this tub-full of concepts and characters. As people, we have our minds to work with, if we are not reading or writing or getting entertained in some fashion.

Question, argue, muse, recall. Every question we ask gives us an answer. Whether we are right or wrong, there is something in the parchments of the mind, which it will work through in its own sweet time: subliminally, subconsciously. Don’t run behind the easy solutions of religion, astrology, fate, society, and your elders. We are individuals; we breathe, we thrive, we exist as single entities in a collective medium. New, individualistic thoughts create a chain of consciousness in a new direction. Find them. And understand them. Don’t restrict philosophizing – about anything.


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