Heroes suffer

Then they rise.

Kings lose battles

Then win wars.

Leaders fail, fall

Then breakthrough.

The common denominators


Pain and Suffering

Sacrifice and Betrayal

Snub and Ignorance.


Get Inspired: devote.

Get Mesmerized: change. 

Get Thrilled: prosper.


Time is an ally,

Solitude is a muse,

Memory is a bank.


Climb, Hike, and fly –

To the heavens

With burdens, stings, bruises

From a thousand tears

And win life;

While the Rot



8 thoughts on “Character.

  1. Up to the end i was with you all tge way nodding my head in consent however i am baffled by the last line,i know this is against poetical rules but care to explain?Thank you .

  2. I was trying to answer these questions in the poem:

    Why do the heroes suffer? Or kings lose battles? Or leaders fail?

    Why is there pain, suffering, snub, ignorance, sacrifice, betrayal?

    How is time an ally? How is solitude a muse? How is memory a bank?

    One answer: People. Most of our problems stem from the world around us, mostly from individuals and the other times from the society. The title of the poem is Character is ambiguous. I tried my best to illustrate the sides of character throughout, and the last two lines is a reminder that whatever happened to the heroes, kings, leaders will happen again and the loop continues from the top, from the benchmark.

    Thanks for reading. Hope this clears the ambiguity at the end. 🙂

  3. Yeap. This was inspired from a picture of an oak next to grave. The tree grew and flowered and passed on its life force through wind, rain, and shade, while the body inside the grave decayed and degenerated.

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