The Kite

Glass fragments, sharp and green
Soared on thread to sky. Tug, Tug
Just a few feet off the ground.
The Kite loose on heavens by two boys
With spools of plastic yarn. Tug, tug
Just over treetops, houses, crows, eagles.

All at once, purple on green!
Filing thread like chisel on wood.
Shaash, shaash, the glass fell off.
Shaash, shaash, the thread sniped.

She danced an undulating waltz
Bobbing gracefully to his face. Slap, slap,
The possessive gust held her sway. Slap, slap,
The thread finally gave away.

She flew to the houses in horizon
They ran, reeling in her leash
She spiraled to trees before the houses
They crossed the ground in a furious dash
Thump, thump, the parabolic dive ended.
Thump, thump, the hearts beat seeing her fall.  
Up they jumped the fence for the Kite
Down they tumbled into dung puddle. Ewww,
Ewww, what stink, what sludge on skin. Aha!
There’s the Kite in the Dog’s mouth, ewww, ewww.
She sailed in their dreams and his tummy that night.


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