Nymph on the roof

There, at the roof’s edge against blue
A green tunic flutters in the wind
I know that girl, she’s my darling
A girl known by time ninteen years
Farther away, an eagle soars, scared
The eagle sees her forgotten wings
“Angel, there’s the staircase, walk back”
She cracks a derisive smile, unconcerned
Tepid drizzle grooms flat the frame
Dusk lights shimmer spineless hair
And then, a hasty foot off the ledge
Follows another kissing the breeze
Thud! A faceless visage greets the next
There, she beckons me to her breast.


3 thoughts on “Nymph on the roof

  1. Thanks. Have you checked the other disturbing poem? I read some of your poems on the website, they have some strong meanings, esp The Potentate and Cuts.

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